Enlightening Christian College is an Inter-Denominational Institute previously Goshen Christian University (GCU), Enlightening Christian College is an Inter-Denominational Institute previously Goshen Christian University (GCU), founded in 1997, in Carrollton, Texas with a tradition of integrating the liberal arts and professional ministerial career and preparation at the undergraduate level in selected graduate areas.In 2016, GCU became Enlightening Christian College (ECC) and Enlightening Business College (EBC).  ECU also offers Master and Doctorate programs.


Believing that the primary goal of education is the development of students to their full potential as individuals and as members in the world community, the college strives to give students opportunities to grow intellectually and spiritually.  ECC is committed to the principles that each student deserves personal attention and that all members of the academic community must have the freedom to pursue independent thought and to exercise intellectual curiosity.  To this end, we at ECC actively seek and employ Christian faculty with commitment and dedication to teach, making disciples and inspiring students and a staff who provides a knowledge of the Bible and a wide range of support services.  We at ECC also accept our responsibility to the community by providing leadership and talent through gifted programs that improve society.

With the advantage of a small student body through correspondence-on-line study, the college serves a diverse student population drawn from all of the U.S.A.  We support the variety of ages and the cultural, ethnic, and socio-economic backgrounds of its students.

The purpose of ECC is to create learning through correspondence on-line studies to the professional and students who desires to learn in their own environment where the professional and student alike can devote personal attention to their schedule, thus providing each student an opportunity to pursue individual excellence, to think clearly and creatively, to develop a spiritual sensitivity and commitment to moral discrimination and action, and to develop a sense of civic responsibility by continuing to take care of their career and earn their degree.  Many men/women desire to receive a higher education through a Christian college, but lack the time for classes that are set to accommodate the college and the student must follow the college’s schedule.  But, by enrolling in ECC, the student will receive a quality higher education by earning their degree through correspondence-on-line studies.  ECC fosters an appreciation of the role of arts in students’ cultural development and prepares students to use their knowledge and spiritual gifts in productive careers.  Whether in its undergraduate, certified, or professional programs, ECC endeavors to produce individuals who become informed, responsible, creative, and articulate disciples. Those students who obtain a Bachelor of Arts degree and desire to go into ECC Seminary as seminarians through their study courses, at the end of each quarter will attend ECC seminary for 3 days of lectures and testing. The Seminary is for 12 months


Enlightening Christian College holds full accreditation & membership status with Independent Christian Accrediting (ICA),


The governance of ECC is vested in a Board of Trustees as provided in its charter of Enlightening Christian Ministries.  The Board of delegates elect an executive committee which has the authority to conduct the business affairs of the college.

The Board meets in regular sessions, quarterly and at other times as needed.  The Board elects the Chancellor, manages the property of the corporation, and determines general policy.


The organization structure of the college, fosters a student-centered and Christ-centered approach to learning.  Reporting to the Chancellor are the Provost, and the President with the responsibility for all academic matters as well as computing institutional research, planning; enrollment and student life with responsibility for enrollment services, financial aid, student records; for College Advancement with responsibility for development, communications, media relations; for Finance and Administration with responsibility for finance and budget; the Secretary of the college with responsibility for Board of Trustees relations, governance relations, special ceremonies; and the Director of Administrative Services with responsibility for administrative services and human resources.


Enlightening Christian College is an Inter-Denominational Christian Institute  previously Goshen Christian University (GCU), founded in 1997, in Carrollton, Texas, with a tradition of integrating the liberal arts and professional ministerial career and preparation at the undergraduate level in selected graduate areas. In 2016, GCU became Enlightening Christian College (ECC) and Enlightening Business College (EBC).  ECU also offers Master and Doctorate programs.Through direct correspondence-on-line studies, the students of ECC can achieve their higher education within their own time schedule. Thus, allowing the professionals, ministers, and lay people alike to seek a Christian higher education without attending a campus setting.  Those students who receive their degree at ECC can seek other specific programs related directly towards the ministry and attend Enlightening Christian College for hand- on workshops to expand their spiritual gifts given to them by the utterance of the Holy Spirit.

The college added, for the graduate, and Pastoral Diploma Programs a seminary internship after completion of our major degree program.  Through the two year seminary program, the seminarian will receive his/her ordination and be placed into ministry as the Holy Spirit gives utterance.

Throughout our history, the college has remained closely affiliated with Enlightening Christian Ministries.  The college maintains special relationships with other Christian churches and congregations, and the Board of Trustees are representative of Enlightening Christian Ministries.  In keeping with the Christian faith,the college welcomes individuals of the Christian faith and its thoroughly ecumenical in its practices.


Unique special programs will be offered to all correspondence courses.  The textbook(s) which the student studies, ECC will make arrangements for the authors and others of the specific study course(s) to make lectures through the Internet digital imaging, video or via tape so the student may attend the lectures within their own time schedule.  These outstanding speakers will deliver messages that will challenge and inspire ECC students.


Other correspondence courses lack the special commencement ceremony for graduating students.  We, at ECC, know how meaningful such an event is to an individual who studies hard and graduates.  So, each year, we will have a special ceremony graduation with all ECC graduation students throughout the country; a full dinner and special speakers, with robes and hooding, pictures and etc.  This special ceremony will also include graduation of seminarians with full ordination, an event that will be special and memorable.


ECC awards scholarships to students for academic excellence, talent, and special skills or needs.  Recognizing outstanding performance is one of the highlights of our educational community.  Under our ministry’s Prison Outreach Program, those who are incarcerated receive a student loan for 50% off of their tuition costs during their incarceration.  Students interested in receiving information on scholarship awards should refer to the “Financial Aid”section of this catalog, or contact admin@enlighteningchristiancollege.com

ECC graciously accepts contributions towards scholarship resources.  Donors may make gifts to underwrite the college’s annual scholarship budget.  In addition, donors may make gifts to establish named endowed scholarship funds.  These funds are invested by ECC so the resources may grow and provide ongoing income for scholarship awards.


ECC is to fulfill the needs of God’s people.  Most of God’s people desire to go to a retreat that will revive their spiritual life and also learn more about God’s Word.  It is an objective at ECC to develop a multi-purpose complex that will accomplish this need and calling.

First, a retreat and conference center for the purpose of bringing together ECC students and seminarians for conferences on lectures.  Also, seminars for professional development for the busy professional who desires to enhance their contributions of their companies.

Seminars shall include:

  • Pastoral Ministry
  • Student enhancement of specific studies
  • The Leadership Imperative
  • Leading organizational changes and transformation
  • Essentials of legal and accounting
  • The Engagement Factor
  • Building a high commitment

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