Special certificate programs


Designed for adult learners who seek to complete an undergraduate degree.  ECC specialized ministerial programs for those students who have graduated with a B.A. in the following undergraduate degrees:

  • Bachelor of Biblical Studies
  • Bachelor of Theology
  • Bachelor of Divinity
  • Bachelor of Christian Education
  • Bachelor of Christian Psychology

This program is specifically designed for those adults who have been spiritually gifted to enter the ministry.  This program is an instructional delivery system designed to meet the educational and career needs of adult students.


 Because mature and motivated spiritually gifted adult learners are the focus of this program, the classes are based on external study and classes.  The classes meet 10 days, every 90 days at ECC for hands on teaching and workshops for a two year seminary program.

Practical Christian Theology.  Courses cover ministerial related programs.  The courses in which the seminarian is enrolled in are credited 3 credit hours per course and 2 credit hours per workshop.  The workshops that are available will be the author of the course material in which the seminarian is enrolled or equivalent teachers.  12 credit hours of external study educational courses per semester.  8 credit hours of workshop per semester.  80 total credit hours to graduate from ECC ministerial program.  Class attendance is critical to the seminarian’s success at ECC.  Ordination will be given to each graduate along with a ECC Minister’s license.


 Because of the specialized delivery system designed to meet the needs of the adult students, admission requirements take into consideration the special demands on students enrolled in the program.  Thus, in addition to regular admission requirements to the college, applicants must also meet the following:

  1. Age 28 or above (Petition for exception to this age recommendation may be made to the Chancellor of the Seminary).
  2. Complete the B.A. degree requirements
  3. A 2500-word thesis on the five-fold ministry in reference to Ephesians 4:10-13.


  • Biblical Studies - Bachelor of Arts
  • Theology - Bachelor of Arts
  • Divinity - Bachelor of Arts
  • Education - Bachelor of Arts
  • Christian Counseling Psychology - Bachelor of Arts

MINORS(only one)

  •  Biblical Studies
  • Church Administration
  • Christian Education
  • Christian Psychology
  • Religion


 Scholarships are available for ecc Seminary programs.  Students must contact ECC Career Development Admissions.  Upon completion of the seminary course, the student will be placed into one of many GMI ministerial departments according to the student’s spiritual gifts.

 Special certificate programs

ECC special certificate programs.  Adults desiring to enroll in these specialized certified programs to improve their professional skills in teaching or ministerial career and earn their diploma through ECC sets the following goals for its graduates.  These specialized courses may also be applied to ECC degree programs for accreditation.

Students entering the Christian ministry should have a broad background of preparation to sharpen their intellectual abilities and give them a sampling from a wide range of experience and study.

We at ECC have designed each major to meet the entrance requirements of the various theological seminaries by taking any of ECC undergraduate degree programs.

ECC undergraduate degree programs enable the students to receive an introduction to many fields of theological study including History, Mathematics, English, Philosophy, Psychology, Religion, and Business.

Pmls-0078 Leadership Skills For Pastors

  • Transforming Pastoral Leadership:

Reimagining Congregational Relationships

For Changing Contexts By Quentin P. Kinnison

And Mark Lau Brunson$35.00


  • Pmls-0079 Communication Skills

The Art Of Communication:  Your Competitive Edge By Jim Stovall And Raymond M. Hull$35.00

  • Pmls-0080 Care Skills Of The Pastor

The Practice Of Patoral Care: A Postmodern

Approach By Carrie Doehring$35.00

  • Pmls-0082 Church Growth And The Pastor

The Purpose Driven Church:  Growth Without

Compromising Your Message & Mission By Rick

Warren And W.A. Criswell$25.Oo

  • Understanding The Church

Pmls-0083 Family Ministry

Family Ministry:  A Comprehensive Guide By

Diana R. Garland$40.Oo

  • Pmls-0084 Evangelism Ministry

The Art Personal Evangelism:  Sharing Jeus In

A Changing Culture By Will Mcraney


  • Pmls-0165 Missions Development

Encountering Theology Of Mission; Biblical

Foundations, Historical Developments, And

Contemporary Issues By Craig Ott, Stephen J.

Strauss, Timothy C. Tennent$35.00

  • Pmls-0086 Stewardship Ministry

Preaching And Stewardship: Proclaiming

God’s Invitation To Grow (Vital Worhsip

Healthy Congregations By Craig A. Satterlee


  • Pmls-0087 Church Media Ministry

Rethink Ministry: The 7 Practical Steps To

Help Ministries Launch Or Revamp Their

Curren Digital Strategy By Jason Alezis And

Kathryn Binkley$20.00

  • Pmls-0088 Recreation Ministry

Beyond The Goal: What Every Church Needs

To Knowabout Sports Ministry By Bryan


  • Pmls-0089 Administrative Services

Church Administration: Creating Efficiency

For Effective Ministryby Robert H. Welch


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